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Unlock Your Best Self: A Proven Mental Wellness Guide to Boost Daily Productivity

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Hey, do you struggle with negative and self-limiting thoughts whenever you go through the normal course of your day? Or do you experience low self-esteem or such negative thoughts clouding your mental wellness and making you feel exhausted and tired?

Well, if you are nodding, we can help you unlock your best self and boost your daily productivity with this quick mental wellness guide. Let’s get started.

#1: Exercise-

Every second of the day, you get a number of possibilities from life to make improvements, and you should start with improving your daily productivity, even while facing challenges. For this, the first thing you need to do is exercise after waking up.

Research shows that workouts do not just improve your physical health but mental wellness as well. It can lift your mood for up to 12 hours, which means you can make the most of your day and be productive.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

#2: Schedule Free Time-

Never let your free time just happen, like suddenly if you get a chance! Instead, we suggest planning your free time just like any other schedule. Set out fun things, such as watching a movie or relating positively with your friends, families or even colleagues and playing exciting games.

Or just do something you love during your free time! All these will increase your happiness levels, leading to improved productivity and getting rid of negative thoughts.

#3: Learn to Say NO- Since life is all about making choices, every second is precious. Hence, never waste it pleasing others every time and losing your best self! Instead, learn to say NO so you can have your time to utilise it, unlocking your best self. This then leads to being in a state of peak mental well-being.

#4: Take a Productivity Nap-

Overwork can hurt mental wellness. Go for a ‘Midday siesta,’ meaning a short nap after the midday meal or in the early afternoon. This short nap will recharge your productivity while improving the level of your creativity and concentration as well.

#5: Consult a Storytelling Coach-

Different scientific studies show that storytelling has the power to improve mental health and well-being while creating long-term positive memory. Moreover, it would be a great idea to approach a storytelling coach. The expert will not just guide you with improving your emotional health and positively enhancing your overall well-being and daily productivity but provide you with a life-changing mental wellness routine according to your personality and circumstances.

Mental Health and Wellness

In a Nutshell

All these tips can definitely improve your mental well-being and productivity as well. However, approaching a storytelling coach is the best way to access a sustainable mental well-being framework.

At Next Dimension Story, our storytelling coach, George Eapen, uses the tried and tested mental wellness productivity boosting framework (the "5-4-30" framework) to enable individuals from all walks of life to learn and apply peak mental wellness routines to make the most of their day. The framework uses the power of metaphors, imagery, and tired and tested mental techniques to focus daily on making the most of the day by getting rid of distractions. The net outcomes of the 5-4-30 framework are long-term mental wellness and positive mental health.

Several studies show that storytelling can reinvigorate mental well-being and create positive memories. This 5-4-30 coaching program can be accessed through one-to-one coaching sessions and online courses.

Our 5-4-30 framework works regardless of age and stage of life. Individuals across the globe have benefitted significantly from the 5-4-30 framework. Check out their testimonials here!

So, why wait? Take action today by clicking here for FREE access to an overview of the 5-4-30 technique. Once you have experienced the mental wellness benefit, take our highly affordable and highly effective online classes to master all the techniques to create your very own mental health routine to boost your daily productivity!


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