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Max Your Daily Productivity

Step change your daily productivity and live a happier, healthier life today!

Calling everyone who wants to maximize their daily productivity to live a happier, healthier life - The secrets are easy to learn, will take discipline to implement, and you will be able to reap the reward in under 1 week!


Struggling to keep on top of work, family, friends, and everything in between? Are to-do's piling up, making you feel like you just can't fit everything into 24 hours? Are you coming to the end of the day feeling frustrated and upset with your lack of daily productivity?

What if I told you that there is a simple and powerful 5 step productivity hack that will radically step change your mindset and productivity habits and start injecting serious productivity gains in your daily life within a week!

It will take discipline and commitment but if you can see results in a week, you have nothing to lose - try it and seriously implement the productivity tips today. Get the lifelong benefit of peak productivity by unlocking the productivity secrets used by high performing individuals. 

I'm ready to try this daily productivity hack - Tell me more

If like me, you are juggling work, family, friends, and multiple commitments daily, then you need to read this to learn how to unlock the daily productivity secrets used by top professionals, athletes, business owners, and high performing individuals.

My name is George Eapen and I run 3 businesses (including this life coaching online business called NextDimensionStory) simultaneously on a daily basis. I have studied the productivity habits of top, high performing individuals over the last 19+ years and decided to implement the 5 step productivity techniques on a daily basis...and now experience 10x productivity gains vs. how I used to operate before. 

I've also been certified as an MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) England MHFAider® to expand my skillsets, certifications, and consistent exposure to practical tools, to help and assist individuals in getting to a state of peak mental wellbeing.

Taking my practical experience as an entrepreneur and business professional for over 19+ years along with my wellbeing foundational skills training and certification, I've decided to share my top 5 productivity tips worksheet with you today for just £5. That's the opportunity to radically step change your daily productivity for the cost of 2 takeaway coffees or a pint of your favourite drink! Learn a life skill today and reap the productivity gains for the rest of your life. 

Top5 Productivity Worksheet

Here is an overview of what you get with the Top 5 Productivity Tips Worksheet

  • 5 tips to implement across 5 days. 1 productivity tip per day over 5 days to see strong productivity gains for yourself - no matter what life stage, age, or profession you're in

  • Tip#1 focuses on helping you to get into the right mindset to manage and remove distracting thoughts, thereby helping you to stay in a productive mindset throughout the day

  • Tip#2-5 will show you how you can consistently boost productivity through simple yet powerful techniques ​

  • Tip#3 will shock everyone, even seasoned multi-tasking gurus! Multi-tasking may not be as beneficial as you think in enhancing your productivity

  • Once you master the top 5 productivity tips, encourage someone else to radically step change their daily productivity and spread the lifelong gains to friends and family!

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Hi! Welcome to a conversation around daily productivity. Even wonder how you can get more done on a daily basis so that you can focus on what is most important to you on a daily basis? What's your energy and passion reserve at the end of a productive day?

Given the busy, multi-commitment, hyper-digital lives that we live today, looking after our wellbeing whilst boosting our daily productivity through quality interactions and focused work habits, becomes a necessary daily goal if we are to spend quality life with family, friends, and work colleagues. 

My name is George Eapen - I run 3 businesses, have a family, and am active in my local community to make a difference daily. When I was reviewing my productivity habits to enhance my quality of life, I decided to study the lives of high performing individuals across multiple disciplines (sports, business, various professions, different stages of life), and realized that I had a few blind spots and misperceptions about productivity.

In the midst of analysing and transforming my productivity journey, I decided to get certified as an MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) England MHFAider® to expand my skillsets, certifications, and consistent exposure to practical tools, to help and assist individuals in getting to a state of peak mental wellbeing.

I then decided to overhaul my daily productivity routines by focusing on 5 key interventions and the results have been amazing...a 10x increase in daily productivity and more time and energy for family, friends, and work colleagues! 

These 5 steps are simple to comprehend, takes discipline and commitment to implement and yield strong gains within a week. Enhance your overall quality of life with these 5 powerful productivity tips today and share the gains with family and friends!


For just £5, download the Top5 Productivity Worksheet today and make the most of your daily life!

All the very best!



"As a storyteller myself, I never thought I'd need help in getting better at telling stories. But George is amazing and truly brings another dimension - the next dimension, literally - of storytelling to your brand!
If Micheal Jordan needed a coach, all amazing storytellers, entrepreneurs, owners, leaders, etc. all need a guide to shepherd them through this process. Get George in early or stay stuck in 2D (2-Dimension)!" - Kurian Babykutty

- Kurian Babykutty

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