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Practical, powerful, easy to follow tools to UP-SKILL your life and your brand!

Ready to upgrade your communication and your life ? Or are you an entrepreneur who is looking for 10x Marketing tips for disproportionate business growth?

Hello and welcome to the FREE growth tools portal from Next Dimension Story to equip you with the necessary complimentary tools to up-skill your life/ 10x your business brand growth. 

As an action taker, you may have specific ways to up-skill and learn new techniques. We have two ways for you to make the most of your life and succeed by learning, applying and growing:-


1. FREE 1 page worksheets to give you a solid overview of powerful skills - whether you want to 10x  your communication impact or 10x the marketing impact of your business. These worksheets will give you all the necessary frameworks to kick start your up-skilling journey to boost your impact and succeed in your life. Click HERE to read more about our FREE one-page worksheets and download them today. Once you've mastered the worksheets, turbo-charge your impact through our easy to follow video online courses

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2. FREE Webinars to learn real skills and get real results. We have put together 30 minute power webinars to teach your core communication skills/core marketing skills to maximize your impact. Learn anytime, anywhere, anyplace via our highly interactive webinars where you learn real skills for real results. You get to learn real techniques alongside practical ways to apply them within your life/your business so that you can start seeing results QUICKLY.  Sign up today and learn life growth skills/business growth skills anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Click HERE to learn more about our "Real Skills = Real Results" webinars. 


Welcome to your up-skilling zone to get FREE 1-pager worksheet pdfs
to up-skill in one of three areas through our highly practical, detailed, easy to follow guides.

Get a solid overview of the powerful techniques used by Next Dimension Story across their audio and video courses by trying out our 1-pager worksheets for FREE.

Once you've mastered the worksheet, UPGRADE to our
online courses to master the techniques and make the most of your life!

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Webinars that teach real techniques for real results. Detailed techniques+application for tangible results. Join today -Anytime, Anyplace!

Welcome to your opportunity to get FREE in-depth coaching to up-skill in one of two areas through our FREE WEBINARS- These webinars focus on in-depth tools and techniques - Real tools - Real results. Invest in your growth today!


Are you an entrepreneur who is desperate to turbo-charge their business growth with powerful marketing techniques? You've come to the right place to learn the top5 marketing techniques to 10x your biz growth.

CLICK HERE for more details.


Do you struggle to get your voice heard? Whether you are a coach, Mum, Dad, teacher, manager, or someone in any profession, learning to communicate WELL will help you succeed in life. So, learn top storytelling techniques today to use your voice as a powerful tool to command attention and drive change.
CLICK HERE for more details.

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