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Practical, powerful, easy to follow worksheets to UPSKILL your life and your brand!


Hello! Welcome to your opportunity portal to get free 1-pager worksheet pdfs
to upskill in one of three areas through our highly practical, detailed, easy to follow guides.

Get a solid overview of the powerful techniques used by Next Dimension Story across their audio and video courses by trying out our 1-pager worksheets for FREE.

Once you've mastered the worksheet, UPGRADE to our
online courses to master the techniques and make the most of your life!


Learn the Art & Science of Storytelling to 10x your Communication Impact

What will I get from this FREE 1-Pager Worksheet?

1. Understand the core principles of storytelling to quickly connect deeply with their target audiences 

2. Map out the deeper WHY behind their story and connect with the heart and mind of their audience to get them to think, feel, and act based on the story

3. Learn to drive Speed of Trust amongst their audience to drive curiosity, engagement and trust 

4. Adapt their story based on the channel/platform of engagement

5. Use multi-dimensional storytelling ingredients (Plot, Character, Worlds, Voice) to boost the impact of their communication

6. Tap into the power of tension within their story to elevate their message

7. Being authentic with their story to convince the audience to think, feel, and act based on their message


10x Marketing Fundamentals to Attract Profitable Customers

What will I get from this FREE 1-Pager Worksheet?

1. Finding the target avatar (target customers) for your business, no matter the category or vertical

2. Findings clusters of target customers for today and tomorrow

3. Understanding the powerful concept of uncovering the deeper emotional need of your target avatar so that you can connect with the core long term need

4. Crafting your USP/UVP (unique selling promise or unique selling proposition/ unique value proposition) to drive a positive emotive response from your target customers

5. Qualifying and communicating your USP story to get customers to fall in love with your product/service and keep coming back for more

1Pagers_Mental Wellness_2.png

Elevate+Supplement Your Mental Wellbeing Routines - Fits Your Personality and Time Commitments

What will I get from this FREE 1-Pager Worksheet?
  • To consistently enter the right mind state to boost mental health...

  • To create your very own mental wellbeing daily routine to consistently boost your productivity...

  • ​Relate more positively with family, friends, and work colleagues through a positive mindset...

  • ​Build a life-changing, sustainable mental wellness routine that fits your personality and your circumstances, and without constantly spending more time, money, and effort in doing so...

  • ​Learn the art & science of storytelling to get into the right mindset and make the most of your life on a daily basis. 

1Pagers_Max Productivity.png

Learn the secret of maximizing your daily productivity - The proven strategies for over 50 years that still work today to max daily productivity - For just £5 - Get the worksheet and apply it today 

What will I get from this 1-Pager Worksheet?
  • 5 tips to implement across 5 days. 1 productivity tip per day over 5 days to see strong productivity gains for yourself - no matter what life stage, age, or profession you're in

  • Tip#1 focuses on helping you to get into the right mindset to manage and remove distracting thoughts, thereby helping you to stay in a productive mindset throughout the day

  • Tip#2-5 will show you how you can consistently boost productivity through simple yet powerful techniques ​

  • Tip#3 will shock everyone, even seasoned multi-tasking gurus! Multi-tasking may not be as beneficial as you think in enhancing your productivity

  • Once you master the top 5 productivity tips, encourage someone else to radically step change their daily productivity and spread the lifelong gains to friends and family!

If you want to learn more about peak productivity habits, CLICK HERE.

It will take discipline and commitment but if you can see results in a week, you have nothing to lose - try it and implement the productivity tips today. Get the lifelong benefit of peak productivity by unlocking the productivity secrets used by high performing individuals. 

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