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Urgent Call To Action: Everyone who wants to use their voice to command attention and drive impact

Whether you are a manager, executive, teacher, entrepreneur, candidate looking for a job, or someone who wants to learn to inspire others through your message, you are in the right place to become a successful storyteller by tapping into the art & science of storytelling to boost your impact as a communicator.

When you think of the best communicators in the world, communicators who make positive impact, drive change and inspire their audience to think, feel, and act in positive, powerful ways, one common trait sets them apart - they are powerful storytellers!

Think back to a time when you heard a memorable story...what made it a memorable story? How did it make you feel? Did you think and act differently after internalizing that story?

There are multiple benefits of storytelling across all facets of life and across all professions. Here are a few benefits of powerful storytelling:-

  • Convey powerful messages with purpose

  • Emerge feeling different

  • Stories help you to connect with others and connect with yourself (Mirror Effect)

  • Life lessons sprinkled with psychological components/emotions/deep engagement and meaning

  • Navigating your world successfully

  • Lifelong learning (Skills/Wisdom/Values)

When you think about becoming a strong, impactful, effective communicator, you may have some pre-conceived barriers before taking the first step to improve your communication skills. Some of the pre-conceived barriers may be the following:-

  • You need to be naturally creative to become a great storyteller - This is NOT TRUE

  • You need to be gifted in the art of communication to become a great storyteller - This is NOT TRUE

Overcome your challenges with communication and learn to become a strong storyteller. Elevate any message for maximum impact through the art & science of storytelling. 

Take ACTION today and submit your email to start the storytelling journey for yourself!

Submit your email, download the Top 5 Communication Secrets 1-pager for FREE and start using your voice as a powerful tool to command attention and drive impact!

Learn from a professional communicator with over 20+ years of experience - A welcome message from George Eapen, Chief Storytelling Officer @Next Dimension Story

Welcome to the storytelling courses from Next Dimension Story to boost your impact as a successful communicator.

Over the last 19 years, I have had the blessing and privilege to craft, communicate and deliver multiple stories and messages that effectively connected with audiences globally, through powerful brand and business stories for companies (Procter & Gamble(R), PepsiCo(R), Vodafone(R), Tech companies, startups and scale-ups) and personal stories for customers across the world. 

From products in multiple categories to services that cut across geographies and cultures, I was able to learn, grow, and reflect on the core communication principles that result in successful storytelling. Storytelling that connects powerfully with audiences to think, feel, and act positively!

I have distilled my 19+ years of storytelling and marketing into highly practical, effective, and affordable online courses that will equip anyone across any profession and stage of life to:-
1. Understand the core principles of storytelling to quickly connect deeply with their target audiences 

2. Map out the deeper WHY behind their story and connect with the heart and mind of their audience to get them to think, feel, and act based on the story

3. Learn to drive Speed of Trust amongst their audience to drive curiosity, engagement and trust 

4. Adapt their story based on the channel/platform of engagement

5. Use multi-dimensional storytelling ingredients (Plot, Character, Worlds, Voice) to boost the impact of their communication

6. Tap into the power of tension within their story to elevate their message

7. Being authentic with their story to convince the audience to think, feel, and act based on their message

Don't lose time. Take action today and start learning and applying the core skills of becoming a great communicator with the power of storytelling. Become a successful storyteller and succeed in life by boosting the impact of your communication!

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