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Using the power of storytelling to equip students to master key life skills and to get ahead in life


How can storytelling benefit the students in my school?

When you think of the best communicators in the world, communicators who make positive impact, drive change and inspire their audience to think, feel, and act in positive, powerful ways, one common trait sets them apart - they are powerful storytellers!

Think back to a time when you heard a memorable story...what made it a memorable story? How did it make you feel? Did you think and act differently after internalizing that story?

There are multiple benefits of storytelling across all facets of life. Here are a few benefits of powerful storytelling:-

  • Since the beginning of human civilisation, this timeless technique has helped us to share values, traditions, and wisdom to future generations

  • Powerful storytelling can enable us to think, feel and act differently (Mirror effect)

  • Effective, emotive storytelling touches hearts and minds to drive positive change

  • It is a global language that fosters inclusivity – If you think of various stories from cultures around the world, there are threads of unity and universal wisdom woven into those stories

Key outcomes of powerful storytelling for students

Through powerful storytelling techniques, students can be equipped to become more confident through effective communication and become well-rounded individuals by practising empathy through emotive storytelling.  

Study Groups

As a storytelling coach for school students, my mission is to ignite the imaginations of young minds and empower them to think/reflect on their life and be motivated to exercise care and empathy towards others.

Through interactive workshops (relevant for students in year4 and above) and engaging activities, I aim to instil a love for storytelling while teaching essential skills that will benefit them both academically and personally.


In my workshops, students will:

1. **Explore the Power of Imagination:** I encourage students to unleash their creativity and imagination through storytelling exercises and prompts. By tapping into their imagination, students can craft unique and compelling stories that reflect their personalities and interests.


2. **Develop Storytelling Techniques:** Using metaphors and character development, I teach students the fundamental elements of storytelling. Through interactive discussions and hands-on activities, students learn how to create well-rounded characters, build suspense, and craft engaging narratives.

Children at School

3. **Practice Public Speaking:** Storytelling isn't just about writing—it's also about confidently sharing stories with others. I provide opportunities for students to practice their public speaking skills in a supportive environment, helping them build confidence and overcome stage fright.


4. **Foster Empathy and Understanding:** Storytelling has the power to foster empathy and understanding by allowing students to step into the shoes of different characters and perspectives. Through storytelling, students learn to appreciate diversity and develop empathy for others.


5. **Encourage Collaboration:** Storytelling often involves collaboration, whether it's brainstorming ideas with peers or working together to create a group story. I facilitate collaborative storytelling activities that encourage teamwork and cooperation among students.


Using the techniques of metaphor association (words and images), visual storytelling (using various mediums) and a table conversation exercise to thrive with a positive, winning mindset, students can confidently complete the workshop whilst building key communication skills and life skills.


At the end of the workshop students are equipped with key life tools to become more confident and foster their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their fellow students to live life to the fullest.

Together, we embark on a journey of creativity, imagination, and self-expression, where every student has the opportunity to master key life skills. 

"So good to see you last week and thanks so much for coming into my class to share your passion of the power of storytelling. The students were definitely engaged and really enjoyed the session. You could certainly see the potential impact this approach could have in terms of helping to build positive mindsets."

-David B@Form Tutor, International School, Geneva, Switzerland

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Welcome to the Storytelling Schools Program from Next Dimension Story.

Over the last 20+ years, I have had the blessing and privilege to craft, communicate and deliver multiple stories and messages that effectively connected with audiences globally, through powerful brand and business stories for companies (Procter & Gamble(R), PepsiCo(R), Vodafone(R), Tech companies, startups and scale-ups) and personal stories for customers across the world. 

From products in multiple categories to services that cut across geographies and cultures, I was able to learn, grow, and reflect on the core communication principles that result in successful storytelling. Storytelling that connects powerfully with audiences to think, feel, and act positively!

I have distilled my 20+ years of storytelling and marketing into highly practical, effective, and tailored programs to encourage audiences to learn key communication skills and key life skills.

The Next Dimension Story art and science of storytelling technique uses the following principles to elevate the impact of your communication:

1. Using 2-4 images based on key life events (you will be providing these images), we will use the power of metaphor associations to understand the deeper WHY and relevance of the images to your life

2. We will be using a fun, highly engaging and encouraging cognitive exercise (Dinner Table Role Play) to understand the perceived barriers and enablers that can be used to strengthen your story and elevate it to the next level

3. At this stage, you are ready to communicate your new purpose-driven story. As you communicate your story, key insights and life lessons will emerge

To learn more about the art and science of storytelling through the Next Dimension Story framework, please click here



"As a storyteller myself, I never thought I'd need help in getting better at telling stories. But George is amazing and truly brings another dimension - the next dimension, literally - of storytelling to your brand!
If Micheal Jordan needed a coach, all amazing storytellers, entrepreneurs, owners, leaders, etc. all need a guide to shepherd them through this process. Get George in early or stay stuck in 2D (2-Dimension)!"

- Kurian Babykutty

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