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Urgent Call To Action: Anyone who is stuck in decision limbo and needs guidance to make Smart, Good Decisions to Boldly take on a new opportunity in life

You have taken the first step in mapping out and launching boldly into a new path, a new passion, a new phase in your life!


Here is a mini worksheet on mapping out your new life opportunity and making smart decisions to boldly turn that opportunity into a reality!

For more info on learning all the decision making tools to translate dreams into reality, check out our dedicated video and audio courses at the bottom of this page to consistently make smart decisions in life.

Storytelling establishes the solid foundation for strong decision making- Connect HEART+MIND+GUT

The story you tell yourself is the life you will live.

Here at Next Dimension Story, we believe that individuals with a clear, purpose-driven story have strong foundations to pivot in life when opportunities and challenges arise in their lives.


A purpose-driven story anchored on your strengths will enable you to profitably evaluate an opportunity that is in front of you

We will delve into your Purpose-Driven Story to establish 3 core strengths. These strengths will provide a strong foundation to evaluate your new opportunity to ensure we are pivoting on your strengths to turn the opportunity into a reality.


In this decision making framework, we will start with your purpose-driven story, map it to passion points and pain points and finally connect your opportunity map with goals and timelines to turn dreams into reality!

We will layer your passion points and pain points onto your Purpose-Driven Story and examine the opportunity to determine whether it accentuates your passion points and minimises your pain points. We will then go thorough the Dream-To-Reality scheduler (Goals,Timelines, Resources) to translate the opportunity into reality. 

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