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Struggling To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts? Learn Mental Wellness Routines To Move Ahead

Don’t let your mind control you, learn to control your mind. And, once you learn it, you will earn your life.

Our mind- the vast landscape with uncontrollable thoughts- positive thoughts, negative thoughts and thoughts that do not fit in any category simply because sometimes, we even fail to comprehend them. And, it is not uncommon for negativity to take root, sprouting like a stubborn weed in the fertile soil of our thoughts. It can creep in unexpectedly even before you say to it “No, stop, don’t ruin my day”. The sad but brutal reality is that we all grapple with negative thoughts from time to time. It is a part of our human experience, and it's something we can definitely overcome to move ahead in life.

Now Imagine, for a moment - a world where you could silence the incessant chatter of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, depression and all the negative voices that are making you weak. And, imagine a world where you could harness the power of positivity to light up your path, leading you towards your goals and dreams. This world is not a far-off fantasy - it's a reality within your reach. Are you feeling a deep sense of calm when you imagine this reality? I can feel it too.

Achieve Peak Mental Wellness

Take charge of your life TODAY, because nobody else will

The hero of your life is YOU. Don’t let the villain(your negative thoughts)win the game of your life. Take up the sword and kill your negative thoughts. This is crucial to move ahead in life and take on life’s challenges and celebrate victory moments.

The question is HOW? How can you overcome your negative thoughts and self-doubts? How can you fight with anxiety, depression and other mental ill-health concerns? How can you find peace and mental wellness to move forward courageously in life?

I am going to help you answer all of these WHYs. My name is George Eapen and I am a professional mental wellness coach with experience in this domain. I have been certified as a Mental Health First Aider through MHFA England and through my personal and professional experiences and skill sets, I would like to be your guide on your journey of reaching peak mental wellness.

But remember, you are the DOER. You need to take the step. And, WHEN? TODAY.

Because nobody has seen tomorrow. TODAY is YOUR DAY. TAKE the steering of the car named Life. Imagine myself as your Google Map. I can guide you on the path to your destination but you need to drive the car. So, let’s go on a purposeful drive and see where we will reach.

You can DEFEAT negativity, self-doubts, anxiety, and depression.

Do you know you are not alone when it comes to having negative thoughts, anxiety or self-doubt? You can choose to take the BOLD step to talk about your insecurities and feelings and SEEK help to then propel yourself forward in your life.

Let’s look at a real life example - introducing Lady Gaga. I am sure that you have definitely heard of her and her popular songs. This famous pop star admitted that she’s had to deal with both depression and anxiety her whole life. She isn't ashamed to admit that she actively seeks help to come out of the challenges in her life. In one of her interviews with Billboard magazine, she stated that she thinks it’s important for people to come out and talk about their mental health. It was her conscious choice to change her situation that made her who she is today.

Have you come across Michael Phelps? This famous 28 Olympic Gold medals swimmer admitted having negative thoughts and self-doubts. He said his lowest point came after the 2012 Games. Phelps stated that he used to sit alone in his bedroom for 3 to 5 days and felt like he “did not want to be alive”. However, he was adamant that he needed to get help and wanted to desperately come out of his negative thoughts.. After he sought treatment and started talking about his feelings, life became a forward facing journey for him.

And, haven't you watched movies starring Jim Carrey? He is the man behind some of the craziest and most unforgettable characters on screen. But an easy-going personality like Jim even admitted that he’s had some dark days. However, he was open about moving intentionally towards a clean, positive life to fight negativity.

Pick any character who had passive thoughts and self-limiting beliefs … one thing is common - their COURAGE. The courage to not hide their mental weakness but to talk about their mental issues that many people hesitate to talk about. Your negative thoughts do not make you VULNERABLE. It is your hesitance to talk about your issues and seek help that makes you weak.

So, How long do you want to stay in a state of negativity? It’s up to you to stepchange your wellbeing.

If you are BRAVE enough to take the call of your life and bring positive change to reach peak mental wellness and achieve whatever you want to achieve, simply do one thing - first, admit that you need help.

I am George Eapen at Next Dimension Story and I'll be your storytelling mental well-being coach throughout your mental transformation journey. I would like to introduce you to The 5-4-30 Peak Mental Wellness Techniques that have already helped others achieve their Mental Well-being to maximize daily productivity and cultivate positive relationships.

How will the Next Dimension Story 5-4-30 Peak Mental Wellness Techniques transform your life?

Studies have found that when people try to understand the world around them, they often pay more attention to the negative aspects of life. Because this is how we have evolved. Negative thoughts can be quite the party crashers in our minds. They often show up because our brains have evolved to be on the lookout for potential threats, as many scientific studies suggest. These thoughts help keep us safe and learn from past experiences. So, these thoughts are like our brain's way of saying, "Hey, watch out!"

Storytelling Coaching on Mental Wellness

But the good news is that we can learn to control and reduce these negative thoughts with some practice and patience.

5-4-30 Peak Mental Wellness Technique will introduce you to 5 easy steps - the steps that you need to ACT ON for only 5 minutes a day for 30 days. And, you will see how your life is transformed. You will be able to evoke your conscious mind state and create your own mental well-being routine. You will be able to relate positively with family, friends, colleagues and others. To build this life-changing and sustainable mental wellness routine, there will be no need to constantly spend extra time and money.

ACT today and claim your FREE mental wellness secrets worksheet now!

It's time to rewrite the narrative of your life, banishing negativity, and ushering in a brighter and more empowered version of yourself.

Let me hear your story in a 1-on-1 storytelling session and let us work together to transform your mental wellbeing and your outlook on life.

Join me now!


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