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Tap Into Your Inner Talents and Potential To Excel In Your Career With The Power of Storytelling

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

At times, life may be overwhelming. As a coping mechanism, we create a story around what's going on in our lives, about other people, and about who we are in order to make sense of it all. It's the story we've made up based on our perceptions of our experiences in the world.

However, what happens when we are confronted with unexpected changes or problems? - We may have no idea what the next move will be/should be. During these situations, how do we elicit our inner abilities or recognize our potentials, to thrive in both our personal and professional life and overcome the challenges?

“Everything you need is within you, the strength, courage, and confidence to change your life. You need to look within yourself and find it”.

Your story has the potential to help you identify your life's purpose while simultaneously inspiring thousands or millions of listeners. Many of us, however, are hesitant to share our stories with the world because we may lack the necessary storytelling skills, believe our path is unworthy of mention, or lack a rounded voice to captivate and retain an audience's attention. Next Dimension Story is a three-step, very practical, and impactful storytelling training course that can help.

George's online storytelling classes assist individuals in overcoming their fears and removing any doubts, thereby helping them to face the toughest challenges, and also excel in their careers and lives. Our service will assist you in identifying your inner talents and potential to excel in your life. So far, we've assisted a number of individuals in overcoming their self-doubts and leading happy, productive lives. One of them is Kurian. Let's listen to Kurian's story:

I’m Kurian and I run a marketing agency in Dallas. When you’re a marketer you don’t go to others for marketing help, just like when you are a mechanic you fix your own cars, you might not be the best at it, but you wouldn’t go to someone else for help in your domain.

When I first came across George’s storytelling coaching program, I was sure that I knew everything about storytelling. I could easily handle this skill by myself. But after I spent an hour with George, I identified some major blind spots. He talked to me about the power of stories, he talked to me about my own personal moments — the good and the bad. I talked to him about how it was a massive challenge for me and my wife as we had our second kid in a Texas snowstorm, one of the worst snowstorms in the century.

He told me about the emotions that I was feeling during the birth of my child. And I realized things that I had never thought before. I had never put my life changing thoughts and emotions into words. And it was a very defining exercise which bought the marketer in me to realize that I actually don’t know much about the power of storytelling. I realized that I was not leveraging the power of storytelling to its full potential.

George has his wonderful exercise — It’s just an hour. So, I wanna thank George for the one hour he helped me to put terms and phrases to the thoughts, emotion and implications in key moments in my life. I had not reflected on it. I was not tapping into it to be reassured by it when times were tough. If you’re like me, you’re my generation or if you’re trying to lead people forward, it’s imperative to learn how to use storytelling really well. I must confess I didn’t know the potential till I had an hour with George. Anyone who is really looking to lead the world forward should be on the top of their storytelling game, and you don’t want to miss a chance to spend an hour with George. His Next Dimension process is really actually taking us to the next spot of dimension. Wanna thank you, George. It will probably be the best hour you choose to spend and you’ll have a lot to show for it.

Watch the testimonial video of Kurian here:

You can also watch many such testimonials from the official website

George Eapen, the practical coach for individual storytelling, can help you in your search for the story that will lead you to succeed in life, in the same way George helped Kurian. Schedule a 1:1 coaching session, by clicking here.

We can define your purpose-driven story together and give you the confidence to tell it to the rest of the world.

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