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Shape and Boost Your Mental Health with Storytelling

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Storytelling is not just telling narratives for entertaining or engaging your readers or listeners. It has the power to shape your mental health and boost your well-being. Here we will discuss how storytelling can benefit you to achieve your wellness goals.

#1 Boost Your Positive Emotions

Recent research on positive psychology has found that the way we express our stories has a significant impact on our mood and self-image. Storytelling can uplift our confidence and change the mood at the same time. We can cope better with hardship and overcome significant life challenges by harnessing the power of positive emotion. Thankfully storytelling can awaken our positive feelings.

Another study based on children in an intensive care unit has found that a single storytelling session led to an oxytocin boost among them and reduced their pain and cortisol level. The report concludes that storytelling has triggered their emotional shifts & positivity ratio, and therefore participants were feeling better.

#2 Empower Your Listening Skills and Cultivate Your Imagination

Individuals become active listeners when they focus sincerely with all their senses and give utmost attention to a story. Better and active listening are excellent social skills that help people communicate with others more efficiently. Meanwhile, active listening also fosters imagination and empowers people to expand their thoughts. Sometimes it works excellently in empowering people to endure stressors.

#3 Keep Your Memory Sharp Regardless of Your Age

Studies show that our brain releases oxytocin when we feel connected with the characters in a story. The peptide hormone oxytocin is linked with empathy. Storytelling increases our empathy and also improves our memory. Stories quickly get our attention more than any other form of information as they leave a solid emotional trace in our brain. A coach for individual storytelling can encourage your imagination and enhance your overall memory care.

#4 Express Your Feelings Better

Storytelling helps both adults and children with their emotional development by providing them with the language they would require to be capable of expressing themselves. It allows individuals to make a better connection with others. Expressing your feelings is also essential to make your relationship stronger, decision-making better, improve toughness, and reduce stress.

Let's Create a Story

Storytelling can help you move past the traumatic experiences that hold you back in life and empower you to achieve your wellness goals. George Eapen is a leading storytelling coach, serving clients for more than 17 years. He is using storytelling in coaching to ensure his clients' deep and lasting mental wellness. Schedule a 120-minute or 60-minute session now to create your purpose-driven story. Let us help you boost your well-being.

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