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Finding Your Purposes after Retirement with Powerful Storytelling

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Are you retiring? Throughout your life, you may have thought that life is all about fulfilling goals and achieving milestones. From starting early education in school, graduating from college, landing your dream job, working hard and fulfilling your purposes, building a house, going on vacation, having a family and kids and finally retiring. Now, what purpose, goals or milestones will you look forward to achieving after retirement? Is retirement only about sitting idly and doing nothing? If you are one of those individuals who feel that there is purpose, goals, milestones to look forward to after retirement, then today's post is for you.

This article will guide you to find your purpose after retirement or fulfil your long-desired goals after retirement.

Let’s Dive Into the Importance of Finding Purpose After Retirement

According to a recent study, many people suffer stress and various types of health-related issues after their retirement. Not having a plan or purpose can induce stress, and lead to a lower quality of life after retirement.

Busting Stress

Everyone has a unique purpose. It helps people feel fulfilled and brings them a sense of satisfaction and peace. That's why it's important to make to-do lists of your favourite things that you want to do after retirement. This is a prominent step towards finding your purpose.

Fulfil a Long-lost Desire

Are there places, cultures, historical locations, foodie destinations that you wish to explore and create memories after retirement? You might be a little older, but there are travel guides who can help you fulfil your purpose of discovering and celebrating new cultures, locations, and special “once in a lifetime” destinations. This will give you an opportunity to observe new people as well as their lifestyles. If you always loved photography, you can unleash your potential as a photographer and capture lives and activities and this could be your new purpose after retirement.

 purpose after retirement.

Hit the Books to Find a New Purpose

Whether you are a book lover or not, retirement gives you an abundance of time to read books. Trust me, there's nothing wrong if you enjoy reading comics. However, if you love cooking, art or baking, you can read books on these subjects. Reading those books can push you to try out new recipes or create new artwork, and thereby stretch your heart, mind, and soul, and find fulfilment in a new hobby.

Taking part in Social activities/ joining a club

Social activities for retirees can be a great way to spend time with others. Social activities can instill a desire to do good for others. You can form a charitable organization and do good for the needy or join a club for seniors. There are different types of clubs for every imaginable hobby or life interest. Connecting with others through an organization or club will help you find fulfillment in later life.

Meet with a life coach

Work with a life coach who can help you find and follow the true calling of your life. A life coach helps you to discuss your views, interests, long-lost wishes, desires, passions or anything you haven't fulfilled yet. A coach will carefully listen to you and guide you to take the next big step. A coach will guide you with clarity by distilling, crafting and communicating a purpose-driven story and help you bring your passion or dream to life.

Final Words

If you are on the verge of your retirement and are willing to find your purpose after retirement, meet George, at The Next Dimension Story.

You can take up a 1-hour or 2-hour 1 to 1 storytelling session. During your session, you will get the opportunity to use the power of images and metaphors to distil, craft and communicate your story based on your aspirations.

This storytelling technique is divided into 3 steps - Step 1 - Foundation mapping where we focus on listening to your story so far, Step 2 – Crafting your story in a fun, engaging manner through a cognitive exercise that helps you to explore your aspirations, and lastly, Step 3 - communicating your story with a courageous and confident rhythm. The storytelling exercise will help you to explore possibilities and then take action to make it a reality. Click here to learn more about this amazing storytelling technique or, book a session today!

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