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Answer Life's Call - With The Help Of A Life Story Coach

Many people wake up in the morning with provocative thoughts that nudge them to change something in their life. It could be the job that they really don't like doing, the relationships that leave them miserable, or even their carefree attitude towards their overall health and well-being. Some people find these thoughts overwhelming; for others, it's an opportunity to set new goals, regain their lost motivation, and achieve new milestones in life.

"We don't grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges."

Thoughts that are nagging at you and possibly keeping you up at night can be the call to take courageous action. Do you answer that call? Well, answering life's call takes a lot of courage and clarity. Only you can uncover your true calling because nobody else can answer the call for you. Luckily there's something that George Eapen, a life story coach, can do for you.

George's storytelling coaching programs help clients overcome fear and push through doubts to answer the call in life to pivot in the right direction. Once you have mental clarity, you can confidently make decisions regarding life changes or career shifts. Our service will help you define your passion in life and give you the confidence to pursue it. So far, we have helped many clients to crush their self-doubts and lead a happy productive life. Rob is one of them. Let's hear Rob's success story in his own words:

Hi, My name is Rob, and I have been working with George over the past several weeks to craft my purpose-driven story. This has been an important opportunity to take some time and self-reflect on the accomplishments I achieved over the past several months. And it has been great to understand what are the drivers that enable me to be successful and instill a lot of confidence in me. So, as I look back, on my life and what I have accomplished in the last six months, there are two particular inflection points that I think stand out.

The first was completing the Rosarito Ensenada 50-mile bike ride, and I did this in under four hours. This was an important victory moment for me because it presented me with a physical and mental challenge. It was something new, and my father had previously done it. Not only that. I got to do it with my girlfriend and friends and was continuing the family tradition. I achieved this in just under five months. I just started training, and I was able to accomplish a big goal by putting in a tremendous amount of self-discipline. Week in, week out of training by having that self-discipline as I was able to accomplish this goal.

The second moment that I want to reflect back on is getting a job promotion at work. Let's just say I was working very hard during the pandemic. At the end of the year, my boss presented me with a promotion, and I was totally caught off guard. I was not expecting it. I was really blown away, and it was an important moment for me because my boss was valuing all the hard work that I had put in over the last 12 months. That self-discipline again enabled me to take my life to the next level.

As I reflect back on these two moments, one thing that I notice is that self-discipline is something that empowers me. Through my dedication, I am able to push through the challenges and accomplish things that I didn't think that I was capable of. Self-discipline enables me to improve all aspects of my life, from fitness to work to relationships. And this is the toolset that I am going to continue to use as I look forward to the other challenges in my life.

Through this commitment and self-discipline, I will be able to blow self-doubt out of the way and take my life to the next level and have a happy, productive life. Looking forward to it!!

You can see that Rob has improved the quality of his life by practicing self-discipline and blowing self-doubts away. We seeded courage and confidence in Rob so he could answer life's call. With our carefully curated support and coaching, you can also do the same and take courageous pivots in life. So, are you frustrated with not being able to follow your passion? Tired of your job? Want to shift career or just craft an interview script that profoundly impacts the interviewer's mind? We can help.

Changing your job or shifting your career is a big deal. During the process, you have to conquer fears and doubts. Our professional storytelling courses can help you overcome all the challenges while answering life's call. Book a 1:1 coaching session now to craft a clear-cut purpose-driven story. Let us help you stay focused and confident during your life shift.

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