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Breaking Free from Negative Thoughts- Learn Tactics to Embark on a New Path in Life

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Are you chained with a spiral of negative thoughts? Are you looking for ways to break free? All you need to do is to just give yourself a little push and you can succeed in breaking the barrier of negative thoughts and start a new journey with courage and joy.

So, are you brave enough and ready to evolve your life by breaking free from negative thoughts, unlocking your way of thinking and achieving the best mental state to make sound decisions? We are here with the highly practical and effective tactics that you are actively looking for. But, first, you need to understand why negative thoughts revolve around you.

Understanding the Source of Negative Thoughts

We are all surrounded by all types of thoughts- both positive and negative. And, they are all related to our past, present and future. While positive thoughts give us a boost to take initiative and make bold moves without fear, negative ones make us hesitant and indecisive, preventing us from making decisions and moving forward in our lives with courage and conviction.


But, have you ever thought about why we have these negative thoughts? What stops you from overcoming the negativity of your life and making the right decision to move forward? Overthinking and overanalyzing everything is one of the major causes of negative thoughts. Overthinking makes you go deeper into matters that you may not have to give that much attention to and makes you experience a mental whirlwind of disorganised or intrusive thoughts. It ultimately affects your mental health. Over Analyzing a situation also harms your mental health as it can lead to stress, anxiety and fear.

Let us give you an example- Suppose you are about to make a life-changing decision and take one step towards your dream. At that moment, if you focus on the risks vs. the potential reward, you will never be able to move forward as the risks overwhelm you. Making mistakes is part of every journey and these mistakes teach us life lessons. So, you have to restrain yourself from overthinking and overanalyzing to break the barrier of negative thoughts and take on new challenges calmly and confidently to succeed in your life.

Now let’s learn some tactics that may help you to come out from the spiral of negative thoughts and embrace a new path, a new phase and a new opportunity in your life!

Classifying Your Thoughts- Be Aware of Your Triggers

Do you notice when you are thinking negatively? Are there patterns of negativity that you can identify within yourself?. Negative thoughts come to our mind naturally, just like positive ones. When you are happy with your life and what you have achieved, you will instinctively think positively. But, when you have seen so many failures in your life, you will be surrounded by intrusive negative thoughts that will make it harder for you to make good decisions and overcome your fear and anxiety. So, you must pay attention to the thoughts that are swirling within your mind and label them. It will allow you to be alert before negative thoughts cloud your mind and your thinking ability and you can pause them before you enter the negative cycle. Learn to identify the patterns and take action to stop them - reverse course and start thinking positively to move forward in life.

So, how do you stop and reframe your thoughts? Read on!

Overlapping Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones- Reframe Your Thoughts

There is no such thing as eliminating negative thoughts permanently from life. But, you can reframe your negative thoughts into positive ones to move forward and bring positivity to your life. Let’s give you some concrete examples of how to shift your thought patterns and get into the right mindstate to think rationally and move forward in life.

Let’s think about a situation where you made a mistake and failed to achieve your goal. What’s your mental response to such a scenario? You may think that you have failed and feel like giving up on what you are trying hard to achieve. Or, you can reframe the situation positively and look for other ways to reach the goal that you have set. Just because one route failed does not mean that you can’t map out another route to push forward and achieve your goal. This is a powerful illustration of training your thoughts as you reframe negative thoughts with positive mindsets.

Taking Part in Activities You Enjoy- Stay Active, Stay Positive

Another amazing way to keep negative thoughts out of your mind is to channel your negative thoughts into fun activities. When you take part in different activities, it naturally helps your body and mind relax, lets you build up courage, and break free from the chain of discouraging gloomy thoughts. You can think more positively, embrace new challenges and find more opportunities while you are enjoying your life to the fullest. Moreover, by participating in fun activities, you can communicate with more people, tap into inspiration and navigate positive and sound decisions without hesitation or fear.

Defeat NEGATIVITY Just like the People You Admire in Your Life

Struggling with negative thoughts? You are not the only one! There are millions of people who are in the same situation. Some have come out and talked about their anxiety and ultimately they were able to shine and inspire others. Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, Demi Lovato, Kristen Bell, Adele, Lena Dunham and Sarah Silverman are just a few names from the list. Most of them have taken therapy, are on medication or tried other ways to defeat negative thoughts and overcome their biggest fear. Now say, IF THEY CAN, WHY CAN’T YOU? Take control of your thoughts, be strong and bold and turn your life around with smart, sound and good decisions. As a professional life coach, I, George Eapen, can help you to get into the right mindset to achieve your goals.

Hi - My name is George Eapen. I am a Chief Storytelling Coach at Next Dimension Story, and my speciality is to help people to reframe their negative thoughts and step over indecisiveness to move forward in life with courage and conviction. My TURN LIFE AROUND Level 1 course (Introductory Level) and TURN LIFE AROUND Level 2 course (Intermedia Level) outlines 3 key frameworks to help you make smart, sound, good decisions in life. You can experience the positive change in AS LITTLE AS 5 DAYS. These ONLINE VIDEO COURSES or the AUDIO “LEARN-ON-THE-GO” Smart-Decision Making COURSE and the 1-to-1 COACHING SESSIONS will give you the tools to get into the right mindset and then to make smart, sound decisions to move forward in life with the right decisions.

Hesitating to join the online video courses or 1-to-1 coaching session? You can start with our AUDIO BOOK that lets you discover the tried and tested 3-step decision-making approach - this audio book gives you a glimpse to the foundational tools to make good decisions in life.

So, do you feel that YOU ARE READY TO ACT? TAKE ACTION NOW -  Join the Next Dimension Story Smart-Decision-Making community and let me hear your story.

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