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Experience the freedom and life-giving benefit of being able to make smart, good, sound life decisions by methodically processing, evaluating, and moving ahead with the choices in your life. Through this introductory level audio book course, you get to learn the tried and tested 3-step decision making approach to turn your life around and move ahead in life with this crucial skill.


By connecting heart, mind, and gut whilst processing and evaluating the choices in your life, you get to make sound, good decisions that will propel you forward in your life. Through the 3-step approach covered within this audio course, you get to understand your passion points and pain points and connect with your purpose-driven story to make good, life-affirming decisions. You will also learn to set SMART goals to convert decisions into action, thereby helping you move ahead in your life.


Act today, learn powerful decision-making skills and move forward with your life.

Audio Book - Making Smart Life Decisions (Intro Level)

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