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Unleash the Power of Storytelling with Next Dimension Story

Storytelling is a highly impactful skill that helps people influence, inspire, and teach others. It is a great way to transfer knowledge compared to logical explanations or factual statements. Besides, it also helps people to forge connections and convey culture and values with each other.

Compelling storytelling can impact both your personal and professional life. Next Dimension Story is a highly rated storytelling coaching authority providing one-to-one storytelling coaching sessions online. Our experienced coach George Eapen leverages the art & science behind metaphoric, multi-sensorial, powerful stories to help clients craft a magnetic narrative and clarify their life's purpose. The outcome of our coaching sessions will be the fuel you need to get ahead in life.

In this post, we will reveal our seven unique coaching styles, crafted for individuals who belong to different life stages and have specific life challenges to overcome. After that, we will reveal the steps of our coaching practice and help you realize what you can expect from our training, to overcome your life challenge and prevail. Finally, we will give you a glimpse of the benefits you can tap into through our customized coaching sessions. So, let's get started!!

#1 Coaching for individuals who want to pivot into new roles and jobs and need to craft powerful stories to excel

This coaching format is for individuals who require a powerful story to make their job or career transition smoother and enable them to be successful. You may have a good CV which will make you eligible for the interview. However, you will need a purpose-driven, powerful story to attract your interviewer's attention and outshine other interviewees. Our coach can help you craft a purpose-driven story and help you excel in your job interview.

#2 Training for individuals who want to fulfil a life passion or life calling and need a springboard to turn their dreams into reality

There are many people who work for others their entire life, enabling their employers' dreams to come true. However, the time has come for such individuals to take charge of their lifelong passion. They need to pursue their dream, and fulfil and live the life they have always wanted, but they are a bit unsure as to how to get started (Who should they be targeting/ What do they communicate/ How do they fulfil the need in the market).

Our coaching services can help such individuals pursue a new calling and turn their lifelong dream into reality, through a well-crafted purpose driven story that can be the springboard to turn their dreams into reality.

#3 Mental Wellness Coaching for individuals who want to master a powerful daily routine to take charge of their well being

Multiple scientific studies over the last decade have consistently proven that storytelling has the ability to boost mental wellbeing and memory care. At Next Dimension Story, we leverage the art and science of storytelling to help clients improve their overall mental health. We help them to craft and internalize a powerful and personal routine to incorporate into their daily life and take charge of their well-being. No matter what life stage you belong to, this unique approach is available to all.

#4 Coaching for individuals who are worried about memory loss and want to be fully present in the here and now

It is a clinical fact that proteins and hormones which promote neural growth, repair brain cells and protect them from damages start to decrease with age. Reduced blood flow to the brain can potentially negatively affect memory and dampen cognitive skills. Consider addressing your memory management/memory care with an expert storytelling session. This storytelling session will use simple but powerful metaphor association techniques to improve your memory care regime and help you make the most of the present.

#5 Leadership coaching for B2B business and team leaders who want to lead and engage their teams at the next level

Leadership is a highly essential component in business administration that promotes teamwork, provides purpose-driven goals & focused direction, inspires and motivates each team member, etc. Effective leadership is the key to success in business and you can achieve and sharpen that through coaching. Our coaching for leaders is crafted for individuals who manage a business or lead a team. We unleash the power of storytelling to boost our clients' leadership capability and help them craft and execute better business strategies.

#6 Coaching for B2B business owners to enable them to stand out from the competition

Setting your business apart from the crowd is essential for branding. Besides, it will also help improve the recall value of your products and services. We help owners create a purpose-driven brand story and set their business apart from the competitors. With a purpose-driven mission, vision, and brand story, you are bound to skyrocket sales and touch the hearts and minds of your target audience.

#7 Step out of your comfort zone to stretch, grow, and fully live out your life

You might be going on autopilot through life and now feel desperate enough to break daily routines to better yourself and fully live out your life. This coaching program is designed for people who feel stuck in a routine and want to shift their perspective in life. Through our highly tailored coaching services, we help clients develop a fresh perspective on life and take the first step towards breaking old habits whilst crafting a new chapter within their purpose-driven life.

The Outline of Our Highly Tailored Coaching Session

We provide a safe, confidential, and inspiring environment to clients and assist them in taking complete charge of their purpose driven stories. Here's what you can expect from the coaching session:-

Step 1 - Defining and Refining Your Story: At this stage, our coach uses two to four images based on the individual’s life events. In the first step, we aim to leverage the power of metaphors to figure out the deeper WHY and the relevance of the image to the client's everyday life. Our coach uses the deeper WHY pictogram to understand who or what inspires and challenges the client every day.

Step 2 - Crafting and Polishing Your Purpose-Driven Story: At this stage, we take clients through highly inspiring and engaging cognitive exercises like the Dinner Table Role Play activity to analyze perceived barriers and enablers which individuals face on a daily basis. By the end of the exercise, you will realize that your story has started to take its shape nicely, especially when you compare it to step 1. You will also be exposed to practical tools and techniques coming out of your new purpose driven story.

Step 3 – Learning to Convey Your Story with Utmost Courage and Confidence: Crafting a purpose-driven story may seem incomplete if you fail to communicate it with others. At this stage, we will focus on building your confidence in your own purpose-driven story, so that you can fully internalize and start living it out. The tools and techniques developed within the 2nd step will also form part of your purpose driven story and by incorporating it into your daily routines, you can start living life to the full.

Benefits of Our Storytelling Coaching

Our storytelling coaching programs will help you gain more clarity about your story, fuel your positive attitude, and encourage you to get ahead in life. Below are a few more things that our coaching can help you with:

  1. Excel in your job interview and take charge of your new position

  2. Manage and improve your mental wellbeing

  3. Enhance your leadership skills

  4. Unlock your creativity

  5. Let the purpose-driven story motivate you to fulfill your lifelong dream

  6. Craft a brand story

  7. Improve your memory care regime

Schedule Your Session Now

We hope that our storytelling coaching programs, styles, process, and benefits are now clear to you. With us, you will get the chance to take charge of life, whether you are taking back control of your mental well-being, making the most of a leadership role, delivering high-profile speeches, or pitching your idea. We can assist you in tapping into your creative, strong, fearless, and confident self. Schedule your session now, and let us inspire you to harness the power of storytelling.

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