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Power of Storytelling: 10x Impact as a Business Communicator

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Storytelling is something you can add to any area of your life, whether it be in general, marketing or even in business. In fact, it’s a powerful tool to leave a lasting impact on your target audience and help you connect with them.

So, when you are a manager or an entrepreneur and want to inspire your employees, customers, and clients through the message you are conveying, you need to understand the way of storytelling in business. And joining a storytelling course for business will help you to become a great storyteller and boost your impact as a communicator.

However, start by diving into the art and science of storytelling to understand this powerful tool.

Let’s get started.

business storytelling course

Art and Science Behind Storytelling

Do you know what sets the best communicators in the world apart? Well, it’s their powerful storytelling technique, which makes a positive impact on the audience while inspiring them to feel and think and act positively.

Not convinced? Take yourself as an example here. During your childhood, you may have come across a story that was memorable and which encouraged you to think and act differently. Why did you remember that story and why did it make you think/act differently? It’s all because of the way the story was presented.

Powerful storytelling can help you to inspire your customers, employees, and clients. Here are a few benefits of powerful storytelling:

● Convey impactful messages with deep purpose and meaning

● Enrich lives by connecting with people and with yourself (mirror effect)

● Provide life lessons with deep engagement and empathy

● Lifelong learning and growth

That’s why being a successful storyteller is the first step to being a strong and effective communicator. And tapping into the art and science of storytelling will enhance your influence as a communicator. Read on to unlock the secrets of powerful communication.

Art of storytelling

Captivating your audience is the most important part to urge them to act. And, when you are a business entrepreneur and want to leave a lasting impact on your target audience through your communication, you should apply this powerful storytelling technique to captivate your audience and achieve your goal. It’s because people, especially customers, don’t feel moved by the data and facts but by emotions.

With powerful storytelling, you can touch the target audience emotionally and convey your message to them by creating an engaging brand story. In this way, customers will empathise more with your company while thinking of connecting with your brand and your business.

And once they feel connected with your company and start believing in your ideas, your communication style makes them feel positive and confident for the next step- Sales! Your sales increase when people know you, trust you and like you. Storytelling develops likeability and trust - Trust to know your business and buy from your business.

Science behind storytelling

Speaking of the science of storytelling, it is the natural means of communication. When one listens to stories, the listener’s brain induces hormones. For instance:

● Oxytocin creates bonding, empathy, trust, and generosity

● Dopamine develops memory, motivation, and focus

● Endorphins trigger a sense of well-being and relieves stress

So, no wonder people naturally are drawn to stories more than PowerPoint presentations filled with bullet points.

That’s why when you convey the same message to your customers, clients, or employees in the context of a story, their brains feel more connected. Moreover, it allows them to evaluate the world and understand life through the lens you portray with your story.

How to Use Storytelling in Business to Boost Your Impact as a Communicator

While communicating messages about your brand to your target audience, including the clients, customers, and employees, using storytelling is the smartest way to convey your ideas as a strong communicator and in an impactful way.

For example, when you blend corporate storytelling in your organisation to share your message, it should include references about your brand value, like a product introduction or the founder’s story of your company. To create impactful storytelling, you can combine images and an engaging brand story to drive maximum impact with your message.

On the other hand, being an entrepreneur or manager, you can include storytelling in your marketing strategy and content to bring coherence. For example, you can powerfully communicate your message in a storytelling style and combine it with website content and social media posts.

Thus, you can really make a difference in the way your organisation connects with your target audiences. Moreover, you can upskill your communication power by learning the art and science of storytelling through storytelling coaching programs. You can discover the secret of becoming a successful communicator by mastering these storytelling techniques.

power of storytelling in business

Bottom Line

So, whether you are a manager or entrepreneur, mastering the art and science of storytelling, including its techniques, will help you know how to inspire your target audience through your message and make them feel connected with your brand. And if you are really interested in using the power of storytelling in your business to grow sales or interested in becoming a successful storyteller to maximise your influence as a strong communicator in your organisation, you are in the right place.

At Next Dimension Story, we offer online storytelling classes to help you to quickly become powerful communicators and succeed in life. Our storytelling course for business is highly-tailored to your business needs and brand outcomes.

When you go through the guided, highly practical, and impactful online storytelling courses, we will provide the following building blocks to ensure you can become an impactful communicator: -

● Guide you to connect deeply and faster with your target audience by focusing on the intention to action gap – this will get you to inspire people and encourage them to listen to your message – your audience will then be in the right zone to think and act on your ideas/brands/products/services/business.

● Provide guidance and coaching to create your brand’s purpose-driven story.

● Help you to pay attention to emotions and logic while conveying a message to encourage your audience to feel and act differently.

● Equip you to adapt your story to various platforms and channels for maximum engagement.

● Coach you to use multi-dimensional storytelling ingredients to deliver engaging brand stories like perspective, worlds, characters, and voice.

● Encourage you to stay true to your perspective and voice for authentic communication, which drives trust and transparency for your brand and your business

So, why wait? Click here to book a session today or take the impactful online storytelling courses now to communicate powerfully and successfully grow your brand and your business!


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