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Give Wings To Your Lifelong Passion Post Retirement With Powerful Storytelling

We typically imagine life after retirement as blissful, stress-free relaxation when we're in the daily grind of working for a paycheck. While getting some relaxation is necessary, there is a limit to how much napping, puttering around the home and watching daytime television one can tolerate. Many retirees find themselves vaguely unfulfilled and restless without a strategy for life after retirement, yearning for something more but unsure what that something might be.

We’re all constantly searching for something worthwhile to do after retirement. Here are a few thoughts on how to identify, clarify, and pursue your lifelong dream.

Stop Doing What You're Doing Right Now

If the way you spend your time isn't gratifying you, recognize that you need to make some changes. You wouldn't feel the desire to discover something more gratifying if you don’t change your daily patterns and routines.

Talk To Your Friends and Relatives

Your friends and relatives may be able to guide/open up areas of interest that remained dormant during different phases of your life. Conversations with friends and relatives can enable you to explore areas of interests in a safe, encouraging, friendly atmosphere

Pay Attention to What You Do And Why You Do It

Many of the things we think about are the things we enjoy. As you start exploring the areas of lifelong dreams, also think about why you are passionate about these lifelong dreams/areas of interest. The WHY will help you to clarify and define this lifelong dream in high fidelity and help you to turn dreams into reality!

Think Like A Child

Many life coaches, believe it or not, endorse this method. Consider the activities you enjoyed as a child. For example, if you enjoyed listening to music, pursue it further by enrolling in a music programme at a local college or learning to play an instrument; if you enjoyed colouring, learn to paint or join a local art league.

Open To Experiment

In this period of your development, there are no bad ideas. So don't dismiss something just because you don't think it's right for you. You may learn something new about yourself. Assume you've always enjoyed dancing but have never attempted it. You may give your preferences wings and turn them into a passion.

Let’s say you've always wanted to sketch on a large canvas but have never had the opportunity due to your busy work schedule. You can now make it your life's work. In a nutshell, you must allow yourself to be open to new experiences.

Possess The Proper Mindset

Consider the quest as an adventure, an opportunity to learn new things and improve. Don't feel rushed to finish it, and don't be concerned about making a mistake. Seeing it as a journey might make it more enjoyable, which is encouraging and helps you stay on track.

Make a List

Make a list of the things that appear fun and worthwhile to you. This is a work in progress, so keep adding to it as new ideas come to mind.

Meeting A Life Coach-

You may meet a life coach to help you. A coach can assist you in viewing retirement as a transition to a new life rather than an end. They can assist you in exploring this new and exciting era of your life. You can talk about your interests, dislikes, and a new stage of life. You can talk to your coach about a longtime dream if you have one. You may get guided on writing a purposeful story. This purpose-driven story will help you to identify, clarify and realize your longtime ambition.

You are ready to finally pursue a lifelong passion or dream as you enter a new stage of life. You might desire to start a business, be a painter, a writer, or a musician, among other things.

You can explore your true passion via the power of narrative, no matter what lifelong ambition you choose to follow. This will assist you in distilling, crafting, and communicating your purpose-driven story and bringing your lifelong passions and dreams to fruition.

How Can the Next Dimension Story Framework Help You?

George at The Next Dimension Story can be your lifecoach. George can help you to identify, clarify and pursue a lifelong interest.

No matter what kind of lifetime passion or goal you choose to follow, you can learn to thoroughly explore your life's passion and distil, compose, and articulate your purpose-driven story in an hour or two, allowing you to fully embrace, own, and bring your lifelong passion and aspirations to life.

How To Book A Session?

Next Dimension Story Provides a private, highly personalised, and carefully curated storytelling coaching programme. This 1 to 1 coaching will assist you in improving your ability to operate effectively at the next level.

Our storytelling coaching programme is highly tailored to you, your needs, and your desired outcomes. We will use the power of 2 to 4 images and metaphors to distil, craft, and communicate your purpose-driven story in under an hour through a simple, fun, and engaging pre-work exercise.

Click here to schedule a storytelling session now and fulfil your lifelong dreams.

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