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Everybody Is a Storyteller - Let’s Learn How to Tell a Story that Supercharges Your Life Views

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Great Stories Happen to People That Can Tell Them’- Ira Glass

People often overlook the importance of good storytelling. When an artist draws a picture it helps others to understand the unique perspective of the artist. This is a great achievement for the artist. Like the artist, a good storyteller can win hearts. This is a superpower that resides inside each and every individual. Storytelling skills empower you to hold another person’s attention. If you are ready to be coached in the art & science of storytelling, you can master this superpower and inspire yourself and others around you. After all, who doesn’t want to supercharge their purpose in life through a well-articulated story!

If you don’t know how storytelling can help you get ahead then this is the time to explore this superpower that is residing inside you. Online storytelling classes give you the scope to learn the art and science of storytelling so that you can improve your storytelling abilities across all aspects of your life (personal & professional).

Everybody Is a Storyteller

How Stories Matter?

When someone narrates a story, it exemplifies the connection from one to another. That invisible but strong connection is crucial to the dissemination and receptivity of the message. Choosing helpful storytelling classes that coaches you in the art and science behind storytelling, will help you to deliver your message with clarity, purpose, and passion.

Most of us take important decisions at a certain point in our life that are truly essential and impactful. Sometimes, we are not so sure whether it will reap maximum benefit or not. It is a long journey that we have to chart out and successfully accomplish. Having a well curated story helps you to navigate and accomplish your life goals. Your story is your north star and your guiding light in helping you accomplish your purpose in life. The Next Dimension Storytelling framework utilizes the art & science of storytelling to help you craft a well curated story, thereby giving you your north star in accomplishing your life goals.

How Storytelling Can Benefit You Professionally?

Storytelling is a leadership tool. If you can state your story with passion and clarity, you can easily grab your team’s attention and be a stronger leader within your organization. When you tell a story, you actually encourage people to see your point of view. Storytelling creates the bridge for your audience to crossover and share in your perspective and your journey.

Storytelling inspires others to get on board with your plan. By being able to better motivate and persuade, your effective storytelling skills can land you your next dream job as you will be the one in charge of your narrative.

So What are the Tips to Improve Your Storytelling?

Here are a few tips to start creating your purpose driven story:-

⦁ Begin with the takeaways

⦁ Keep it brief and short with powerful metaphors and multi-sensorial connections (mind + body multiplier)

⦁ Practice practice practice!

My name is George Eapen, and I have been helping clients (individuals, companies) in crafting powerful, purpose-driven stories for the last 17 years. Take a look at my highly practical and effective storytelling framework (Next Dimension Story) to craft and communicate your purpose driven story today!

Take a look at a few testimonials to see how individuals are taking action and crafting and communicating their powerful stories -

Hi, I am Kavya, and I went through George’s Next Dimension Story coaching framework. It was a very interesting experience. It was really beneficial to take a step back and assess where you are at in life and to then be provided with a framework in which you can understand your strengths and weaknesses. I was able to recognize my innate talents and bring them back to the forefront. The truly eye-opening part was his table mapping approach, the table guest approach actually. I thought it was very interesting the way he brought it to life, and got you to kind of objectively look at your own strengths and weaknesses. At least for me, it helped tremendously, giving me a sense of where I could improve and also why I do what I do in some ways. It provides that internal perspective that is very useful. Understanding where I stand in life and then mapping out potential next steps at this stage in my life and career was very beneficial. So, I personally found it very interesting to go through the exercise and I was especially fascinated. You get very few chances in life to relook at your strengths and weaknesses and objectively understand the functional reasons as to why you are doing certain things in pre-set ways. Those are great opportunities to self-reflect and come out with deeper self-understanding. So I hope that helps you as well in just putting things into perspective.

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