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Want to Shift Gears in Your Career or Change Jobs? Let Your Story Give You Clarity

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Most of us prefer to keep emotions aside and take fact based decisions. But in reality, emotions play a significant role in most choices that we make, and that's where storytelling comes into play. Storytelling is a fundamental life skill that everyone should learn. It is the vital ingredient you need to shift gears in your career, change your job, follow your passion, create a deep level of connection with your audience, and build mastery of ideas.

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them."

A great story is not about you, the protagonist of your narrative. Instead, it is about drawing your audiences' attention and making sense of the shared experiences. It is about turning daily experiences into a feeling of deep connection with your listeners and provoking them to relate, connect, and be part of your story/your experiences. Therefore, making connections with your audience and influencing them positively will become vital ingredients for your success.

Mastering the art of storytelling (using powerful metaphors/imagery/connecting with the heart & mind of your audience) can also help you to craft an impressive interview script. Just like most stories, your story should also have three parts:

  1. The beginning section of your story has to be captivating enough to arouse the interviewer's curiosity. This is your chance to make sure the target audience/listener is sitting up with eager curiosity to know more about you.

  2. The middle section is about framing the situation by describing what you are dealing with and how you would solve/improve the situation.

  3. The ending is the most crucial part where you have to show your unique value-add to the company and to the role as you conclude your story. Creating a wow-worthy finish is your best chance to show the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job.

Besides influencing the interviewer, your story should also clarify why you want to change your job or shift your career. In conclusion, a powerful, authentic story connects with your audience at a deeper level and helps them to relate and connect with your shared experiences.

Now, the question is what elements make a compelling narrative, and how can you improve your capability to inspire and influence an audience? Find your answer at Next Dimension Story. Our storytelling coach has over 17+ years of experience in empowering clients to turn their daily life experience into a great anecdote through his storytelling skills training program.

One of our clients, Rob is working with us for several months to create his purpose-driven story. He said that our storytelling service has helped him gain confidence and fully understand the drivers that enabled him to succeed.

Take inspiration from Rob’s story to write your own, deeply engaging story that will help you successfully pivot your career to the next level. Whilst changing jobs or shifting careers, many people feel a sense of fear and doubt. Overcoming this fear and doubt can be a big deal for anyone. Our storytelling service can help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and guide you to distil, craft and communicate a powerful purpose-driven story. Next Dimension Story’s tried, and tested storytelling skills training modules are renowned as the best storytelling courses.

Book a 1:1 storytelling coaching session with George Eapen to craft a purpose-driven, clear story that will keep you confident throughout the shift. We assure you that after a few sessions with our expert coach, you will be able to transform even the most typical life story or mundane experience into an epic story.


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