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Storytelling for Interviews: Stand Out Among the Rest

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

HR managers may think they make recruitment decisions purely based on logic and reasoning. But their feelings also play an essential role in influencing their decision.

Our emotions drive how connected we feel to others. The connections help us perceive another person in a positive or negative light. When the connection is between a recruiter and a job seeker, the best way to appear on the “positive” side of the equation is by telling a compelling story in the cover letter, resume, and interview.

Storytelling is considered one of the most potent tools for influencing and persuading others. Job seekers can tug at heartstrings and profoundly impact interviewers’ minds if they present their curriculum vitae with a hint of an engaging narrative. An engaging narrative enabled you to present your achievements, strengths, and experiences, with maximum positive impact. To make this happen, you have to establish your narrative in the form of a story that stimulates positive emotions. This eventually results in a rush of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) in the listener’s brain.

 storytelling for  job interview

So How Can You Leverage The Power Of Storytelling To Ace The Interview Process?

Don’t worry; George can help.

George Eapen, the leading storytelling coach, is renowned for helping clients get ahead in life through his purpose-driven motivational training. He has recently launched a curated training program for candidates who want to combine the power of a compelling story with their CV to ace their interview.

At first, we will try to understand the problem statement and then reveal how his coaching can solve that issue.

Most candidates only focus on improving their CVs in pursuit of a new job. Irrespective of the quality of your CV, it will never be enough to grab the attention of your potential recruiters.

You need a compelling story to level up your CV and take charge of the interview process.

George’s framework will help you craft a fascinating story in just three simple steps. In his 1 or 2 hour storytelling coaching session, he will empower you to elevate your CV to the next level by employing the power of a compelling story – a story that will highlight your strengths, innovation, and personality. Most importantly, the story will also give you the confidence required to pass the interview with flying colors.

The 1 to 1 coaching session costs less than a day’s salary and in return for your investment, you get to learn the skills to ace the interview and significantly improve your chances of landing the ideal job (giving you financial freedom for years to come).

Take our online coaching session today and learn the

into job applications. Let us help you create a storytelling resume and master the job interview process!!


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