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Nervous and Feeling Scared at Interviews? Decode the Secret Interview Techniques to Ace Interviews

Having an interview? Great! But, are you scared? It’s alright! Feeling nervous before and during the interviews is natural for many candidates. However, cracking interviews is not like cracking jokes! The market is highly competitive and recruiters are picky about their decision. And you cannot afford to be scared again and again to say goodbye to your dream job opportunity.

If you've always dreamt of landing your dream job position, you need to act right now! It’s high time you focus on your goal and work on your fear.

Stories, as you may know, have the power to build a connection with the listener. The correct narrative can make anyone feel great about you. And, in interviews, no one can deny the power of great storytelling in interviews since it has a powerful tool to influence and persuade.

Start With Your Audience in Mind

Employers are using artificial intelligence platforms to scan through thousands of resumes and make decisions based solely on objective criteria such as keywords that match job descriptions. These are necessary factors you need to focus on while crafting your resume to make it tailored to the specific job you’re applying to. This is the first step. However, impressing the recruiter in real time when you are sitting in front of a chair, facing them directly is the real challenge.

Whether you're fresher, coming out of college or don’t have the experience to call yourself a seasoned industry expert, you may enter the field of job hunting by thinking it’s best to go with a lengthy and chronological list of projects and achievements to leave a great impression on the recruiters. This is where you might go wrong. Remember, no matter how powerful your resume is, if you don't have the powerful storytelling to justify all the things mentioned in your resume, it will be difficult to crack the interview.

Have a Theme and Promote That Throughout the Job Hunt

Now that you are clear about your audience, you should focus on the theme. Remember, you are the hero of your story, there should be obstacles as well as winning moments. However, it should not be a depressing narrative. If there are too many obstacles, and too much drama, it will cost you the interview. Choose the theme as well as the storyline with efficiency. Here’s where the importance of storytelling coaches come in.

Interview storytelling coaches will help you bring every element of your story within the same vein to portray a holistic, consistent picture of your abilities, skillsets, and achievements. Whatever your backstory is, they will blend different elements to make it speak for you in a powerful and convincing way.

Don’t Underestimate Your Experience

Don't forget to speak about your experience. Like all great stories, the experiences need a clear context to resonate with your storytelling. Storytelling experts call the context the “why” that drives the plot of a narrative. So, when you express your experience, go on explaining where these experiences come from and why these experiences are necessary for you, and how these are helping you in your career or even in your life.

Settings and Characters

Your story should always have a real setting and characters. When you talk about an important incident, don't forget to mention the place where it occurs. Another thing is the characters. Whether you have the experience of working in a company, leading a team, or working with volunteers, mention those in your story to make it more realistic.

Taking Assistance From a Professional Storytelling Coach

The key to landing your dream job is by cracking the interview. Storytelling can make it happen. Instead of wasting your time on framing a poor storyline, you can simply approach a professional storyteller to significantly increase your chances of success.

George at Next Dimension Story is here for you! We have 1-on-1 storytelling coaching for individuals who are eager to crack interviews on their first attempt.

We will help you combine the power of your CV with powerful storytelling so that you can impress the recruiters with a compelling and authentic story. Just having a mere story and degrees won't help you succeed! We help you take charge of your career.

Through our extensive 1 or 2-hour storytelling coaching, you will be ready to elevate your resume and be fully ready for the interview. When you know how to frame your story in the interview process, the nervousness or fear will automatically go away. Moreover, practicing your interview prior to the real one will help you even more!

Therefore, don’t wait! Schedule an interview storytelling coaching today!


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