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Getting Unstuck: Bring Passion Back into Your Life with Storytelling Skills

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Are you feeling stuck in life or career or both? Then you are not alone. As per a study, more than 90% of individuals have admitted that somehow in their personal or professional life, they are either in a rut or lost. In such scenarios, people often realize they are not moving anywhere, and their life has no meaning. You may even experience hitting a professional plateau and not seeing any opportunity to grow. Most people in these circumstances feel futile and get confused as they fail to figure out how to navigate their way through the hurdles in life.

No one in this demanding world is immune to such an emotional state, but you can at least cope with it by leveraging the power of storytelling. George Eapen, our chief storytelling officer, can help you get unstuck and take your personal or professional life to the next level. Whether you want to reenergize the job-hunting effort, learn new skills for a career shift, or launch a startup or side project, we will give you the fuel to find yourself a new direction. We are trained to help clients shake off the old bad habits that are holding them back and empower them to make beneficial changes in life. Continue reading if you want to find purpose in life, chase your passion, and get out of your rut.

Master Your Confidence with George and Start Believing That You Can Pivot Successfully

George has pursued corporate careers in MNCs like PepsiCo®, Vodafone®, and P&G®. He has also worked for startups, SMEs, and other private players. From launch to scale, pivoting has been a part of George’s life and career. Through the challenges he accepted, opportunities he capitalized on, mistakes he made, and success he achieved, George figured out the secrets of pivoting efficiently.

His Smart Decision-Making Skills Training (Which leverages the power of storytelling to identify passion & pain points and enabling you to pivot with purpose) can make you sensible enough to avoid the common errors and pitfalls that most people encounter while changing their lives. George can inspire you to overcome your fear and doubts and help you master your beliefs. As a result, you become capable of making bold decisions that connect your heart, soul, and gut to a meaningful purpose. After all, this is what you need to write a successful turnaround story.

A Quick Overview of Our Course That Can Help Turn Your Life Around

We guide clients through a compelling reflective approach that leverages the power of storytelling to enter the right mind state to evaluate their current choices in life. We then map the current choices to their purpose driven story and identify the gaps and opportunities to pivot successfully. The next step outlines passion points & pain points that are unique to the individual and help them to honestly evaluate the choices in front of them to maximize passion points and overcome future pain points. The final decision-making framework then taps into SMART goals and action-oriented timelines to convert decision into action. This enables the individual to make smart decisions to effectively pivot in the right direction and turn their life around with new energy and passion for life.

We will instill enough confidence in you so that no one, not even you, can doubt your growth story. By the end of the third phase, you will be able to see a clear picture of the choices in front of you and make the conscious choice to pivot purposefully in the right direction. Unlike other storytelling startups, we don’t need a longer horizon to make goal-oriented changes in your thought process. Just give us five days of your life and see how we can assist you in making intelligent decisions that are purposeful and vital to turn your life around in a new direction.

Changes, Even the Big Ones, Start With a Small Step in the Right Direction.

So, are you ready to change and improve your life? Just spend the cost of your two-week coffee bill on Next Dimension Story. Unleash the power of storytelling for analyzing your personal SWOT matrix and making sound decisions that can bring meaningful changes and upscale your life. Don’t just get stuck, lost, or be in a groove you can’t kick. Help us inspire, guide, and drive you out of that rut.


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