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Webinars for daily business success!

Step change your business marketing and brand storytelling for 10x business growth!

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How is this FREE webinar going to help me succeed in growing my business?

As a business owner and brave entrepreneur, you said "YES" to the call to start your own business and took the bold step to translate dreams into reality. Well done!


You might be about to start your business or already have a business that is ready to scale and significantly expand. Along with juggling work, life, and everything in between, you understand that your time is precious and when you focus on your business, you want to make your effort count towards growing and establishing your business.

Now, as you think about connecting deeper with your customers and put forth plans to grow, scale, and significantly expand your business, you come to an important, challenging junction in your growth plans. Some of the questions you may need to process include the following:- 

  1. Do I need to choose my target customer or can I just speak to everyone with my business?

  2. How do I target the ideal customers to grow and expand my business?

  3. How do I connect better with my ideal customers so that I can market additional products & services to my target customers?

  4. What is the most relevant way to communicate my business's unique selling promise/proposition (USP) to my target customers?

  5. How do I step change my mindset from trial to loyalty to drive long term revenue?


The secret is in crafting and powerfully communicating a meaningful and relevant marketing story to the appropriate target customers so that you can significantly grow, scale and expand your business!

What will I get from this FREE webinar?


  • Experience the power of customer-centric marketing to turbo-charge your business growth

Key Outcomes

  • Explore marketing and branding fundamentals

    • The WHO - Identifying your target avatar who wants to hear from your business

    • The WHY - Deeply connecting with your avatar through the identification of emotional tension

    • The WHAT - Your USP that gets your avatar to buy from your business and then...naturally advocates for your brand

  • Bringing it all together - Practise the tools

  • Opportunity to up-skill

What do I need to do to sign up and benefit
  • Click on the link below, choose a date and time and signup for FREE

  • Add the event to your calendar

  • Be fully present and committed to the success of your business

Got maximum benefit from the webinar? Now UP-SKILL and master all the techniques to 10x your business

Through the 10x growth brand marketing and sales online courses, you will have the core skill sets to master the following key growth areas:-
1. Finding the target avatar (target customers) for your business, no matter the category or vertical

2. Mapping out the concept of clusters of avatars for present and future growth potential 

3. Understanding the powerful concept of uncovering the deeper emotional need of your target avatar so that you can connect with the core long term need

4. Crafting your USP/UVP (unique selling promise or unique selling proposition/ unique value proposition) to drive a positive emotive response from your target customers

5. Qualifying and communicating your USP story to get customers to fall in love with your product/service and keep coming back for more

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Welcome to the powerful branding & marketing content from Next Dimension Story. I'll be your marketing and branding coach to help you to launch, grow, and scale your business, no matter the category or vertical for your business.

Over the last 19 years, I have had the blessing and privilege to craft, communicate and deliver multiple marketing messages, campaigns, and growth strategies, that effectively connected with customers globally, across multiple categories, to launch and scale brands and businesses for corporate giants like Procter & Gamble(R), PepsiCo(R), Vodafone(R), Tech companies, startups and scale-ups. From products in multiple categories to services that cut across geographies and cultures, I was able to learn, grow, and reflect on the core principles that result in successful brand marketing that connected powerfully with customers and encouraged them to become not just trialists but loyalists and fans of the business.


I have distilled my 19+ years of marketing and branding experience into highly practical, effective, and affordable online courses that will equip any business in any country, category, culture, growth curve, to:-
1. Understand how to identify and nurture the appropriate target avatar for your business

2. Map out clusters of target avatars for short term & long term growth 

3. Identify the deeper emotive need of your target avatar so that you can understand how to foster long term relationships with your target avatar

4. Uncovering the emotional tension that is desperately waiting for your business to resolve, thereby helping your customers to feel happy about resolving their tension 

5. Crafting and qualifying your USP that is distinct and that can only be offered in a unique way by your business so that it compels the target avatar to buy your product/service and encourages them to come back for more from your business

Don't lose time. Take action today and start building and communicating your unique marketing brand story to your target customers so that you can start building the relationship and win with your customers and grow your business. 



"As a storyteller myself, I never thought I'd need help in getting better at telling stories. But George is amazing and truly brings another dimension - the next dimension, literally - of storytelling to your brand!
If Micheal Jordan needed a coach, all amazing storytellers, entrepreneurs, owners, leaders, etc. all need a guide to shepherd them through this process. Get George in early or stay stuck in 2D (2-Dimension)!" - Kurian Babykutty

- Kurian Babykutty

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