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Upskill today and succeed at the next level with interactive video courses


"Transform your life with Next Dimension Story's online video courses! Whether you're aspiring to influence, building a business, prioritizing mental wellness, or simply making impactful life choices, our dynamic courses are tailored for you. Watch, Learn, and Elevate your journey with step-by-step guidance, downloadable resources, and a highly practical approach. Unlock your potential and step onto the path of personal growth. Start today!"

Attn: Entrepreneurs - Learn the Top Customer Attraction Marketing Secrets to 10x your Biz!

Key Outcomes (In-depth coverage of each skill set vs. overview of skill sets that are covered in the audio course)

1. Finding the target avatar (target customers) for your business, no matter the category or vertical

2. Mapping out the concept of clusters of avatars for present and future growth potential 

3. Understanding the powerful concept of uncovering the deeper emotional need of your target avatar so that you can connect with the core long term need

4. Crafting your USP/UVP (unique selling promise or unique selling proposition/ unique value proposition) to drive a positive emotive response from your target customers

5. Qualifying and communicating your USP story to get customers to fall in love with your product/service and keep coming back for more

Calling All Budding Communicators - Learn the Art & Science of Storytelling to 10x your Communication Impact

Key Outcomes (In-depth coverage of each skill set vs. overview of skill sets that are covered in the audio course)

1. Connect quickly and deeply with your target audience - Decoding the Intent to Action gap to inspire, engage, and educate your audience to listen, think , and act on your message

2. Craft the WHY and purpose behind your story to establish the true north of your message

3. Tap into emotion and logic to inspire deeply and encourage your audience to think, feel, and act based on your message

4. Uncover the speed of trust equation to drive curiosity, engagement, and trust amongst your audience

5. Learn to adapt the story based on the channel and platform of engagement

6. Use powerful multi-dimensional storytelling ingredients (characters, worlds, voice, perspective) to drive interest and engagement

7. Understand the power of tension to elevate your story

8. Stay true to your voice and perspective to communicate authentically and inspire your audience to want more of your message

Are you a mental wellness seeker who is looking to supplement their wellbeing routines? Learn the
5-4-30 Wellness Routine - Fits Your Personality and Time Commitments

Key Outcomes (In-depth coverage of each skill set vs. overview of skill sets that are covered in the audio course)
  • To consistently enter into the right mental state to boost daily productivity...

  • To create your very own mental wellbeing routine, and learn to build on your mental wellbeing routine and start boosting your daily productivity...

  • ​Relate more positively with family, friends, and work colleagues through a positive mindset...

  • ​Build a life-changing, sustainable mental wellness routine that fits your personality and your circumstances, and without constantly spending more time, money, and effort in doing so...

  • ​Learn the power of speaking and internalising a positive, powerful, authentic story over your life, to get into the right mindset, and make the most of your life on a daily basis

Turn Your Life Around and Live Life Boldly - Learn the 3 Step Framework to Make Smart, Good, Sound Life Decisions - Live to Your Full Potential

Key Outcomes (In-depth coverage of each skill set vs. overview of skill sets that are covered in the audio course)
  • 3 step framework to master your purpose-driven story

  • Understanding barriers and enablers

  • Crushing your barriers with your own enablers

  • Bringing Victory Moments and Enablers together to craft your new and powerful purpose-driven story

  • Putting it all together – the framework for your new life path

  • Translating thought into action – understanding goals/timelines/SMART goals

  • Attaching SMART goals to your new life path to fully live it out

  • Additional tips to strengthen your new life path

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