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Join Powerful Storytelling Session at the Cost of a Fortnightly Cup of Coffee to Balance Mental Well

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Leading a happy and prosperous life requires good mental health. It encompasses our emotional, psychological and sociological well-being and impacts how we think, feel and live. Prioritising mental health over everything is a must in the current world.

Your mental health is your key to gracefully balancing your life and tremendous work pressure along with personal life stress and other things. The world has already witnessed many unfortunate cases of mental depression.

Unfortunately, there is often a great deal of stigma associated with anything pertaining to mental health, which is why it is crucial that we applaud good mental health initiatives and work to remove any obstacles that have been put in our way so that we can address mental health in a constructive and effective manner. In order to best meet your requirements, you should regularly give yourself permission to tune in to yourself and think about your general mental health.

Whether you are 18 or 65 years old and looking to improve your mental health, we are here to help! We’ve compiled the top 7 things that you can add to your daily routine to combat mental depression.

Love Yourself

When you're low, it's easy to be harsh on yourself. While you may not want to celebrate or compliment yourself, try to be kind. And here's a bonus tip: If you're having trouble being nice to yourself, do something nice for someone else. Then, congratulate yourself on completing the task! Remember, you are the one who knows you the best. Do not get affected by what others have done to you. Never harm yourself with negative thoughts or assumptions. Be kind to yourself. Get control over your reactions and respond rationally. You can also talk to an expert if you have none or you are feeling that low.

Work Out

Even a short stroll or a flight of steps can help to relieve tension and boost attentiveness. A regular exercise routine can improve one's mood, increase concentration and even assist in alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms. Moreover, feeling healthy and fit adds pleasure to your mood.

Healthy Eating

Vegetables and Fruits? Absolutely! Add nutritious food to your daily diet. However, good eating entails having a healthy attitude toward food. Enjoy meals with friends, try new foods and most importantly, avoid food obsession. If you discover that your relationship with food is affecting your mental or physical health, learn more about eating disorders and take the crucial step of seeking help. Following a healthy diet does not restrict you from trying out your favourite pizza or burger. All you need to do is to keep a balance.

Sleep Well

The latest studies suggested that teenagers need to get 8-10 hours of sleep per night and adults get more than 7 hours. However, sleeping well also refers to when and how well you sleep. Many doctors recommend waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends and holidays. This simple trick will help you combat Monday morning jet lag (also known as "social jet lag") and ensure that you are functioning and feeling your best. So, don’t compromise your sleep for anything(especially for irrational thoughts).

Practice Deep Breathing

Take a deep, deliberate breath in. Begin with your abdomen and work your way up into your ribs, chest and lungs. Exhale slowly as well. Counting can be beneficial ("1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...") Repeat. This makes you calm when you feel puzzled and tense.

Connect with Others

You should try to connect with your friends, family or teachers. Even a polite greeting to a stranger can improve positive sentiments, help fight sadness and anxiety and make you feel connected to others. Concentrate on the quality of your friendships and relationships rather than the quantity. Keep in touch with anyone who makes you feel encouraged, joyful, useful, liked or loved or any other pleasant emotion. Having a pet and playing with it can also improve your mood.

Write Down your Feeling on A Diary

Writing down your feelings can help many people to relax. Your suppressed emotions need to be released somewhere. You can make a list of ideas for good stress-relieving activities. Step by step, try them out. If you love to draw, you can also do so.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, there are also so many other things you can add to your daily routine.

Final Words

You can boost your daily productivity by operating with peak mental well-being. Join the Next Dimension Story and learn how to craft your ideal mental wellness routine through your purpose-driven story in less than 30 minutes. Thinking about the cost? You just need to comprise the cost of 14 cups of coffee/tea for the training. This powerful storytelling will maximize your daily productivity too.

Book an online storytelling course today and uncover the secret for yourself.

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